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What is Bible Story Cartoons all about?

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I’m glad you asked!

Bible Story Cartoons has been created to build a online resource for Churches, teachers and parents to use in encouraging children to love the Word of God.

As the creator of this resource I really wanted to provide something that is relevant and will appeal to children as well as familiarising them with the bible.

Bible Story Cartoons is all about telling bible stories in a way that captures children’s imaginations and, just as importantly, to make the job easier for teachers and parents to share those stories.

For children, text just doesn’t always cut it, yet captivating images, that are full of humour, can bring a story alive and help to develop a love for the bible.

In the 1980’s, as a child, I grew up with the Good News Bible and all through that version there where very simple images which in themselves were not much, but which helped to bring the bible stories they illustrated to life. Today, those images are imprinted on my mind just as much as the words and the stories.

Here are 5 reasons why Bible Story Cartoons a truly incredible way to share the bible with children.

1. It’s Alive

The bible is brought to life and the imagination ignited when images are added to any text. Bible Story Cartoons make the Bible come alive.

2. A picture tells a thousand words.

Have you ever heard “A picture tells a thousand words”?  I believe we hear this saying so often for a very good reason: it is true.  It is like you are cheating when you can convey so much information in one image that would have taken paragraphs to say in writing alone.

3. Engagement.

The more senses that are engaged during learning the more a person can retain. Images help us to connect and retain stories better. I can certainly testify to this in my own life.

4. Humour

What can I say, I love humour and I love to have a laugh. Bible Story Cartoons aims to add humour and, at a slightly deeper level, create a sense of enjoyment around the bible for young readers.

5. Relevant

It is harder than ever to retain the attention of anyone, let alone a child with so many distractions. Bible Story Cartoons is created in a relevant cartooning style that children can relate too.

What can I say, the Bible is truly the greatest book on Earth.  It is God’s Word for us, it guides, teaches and encourages us to learn more about Jesus.  The next generation deserve to know how much God loves them!

So, check out our resource pages for what is available. We are adding new resources every month. Join our free email newsletter for monthly updates on what is happening.

Looking forward to building a relationship with you.

Jason Staben

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