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The Baptism of Jesus Children's Resource pack

The baptism of Jesus

This bible story explains how Jesus was baptised by a bloke who only ate locusts and wild honey and wore clothes made of camel’s hair!

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Resources Available


Story eBook

The book contains the story and cartoons in a great format that is easy to print off and hand out to children to read. They can own their own copy of the story.


PowerPoint Presentation

The Power Point Presentation allows you to tell the story on the big screen.

 cover-PRESENTATIONKIT-Jesus Baptism

Presentation Kit

The Presentation Kit is designed to make the story telling easy with the Power Point. Each image lines up with the story text for easy presentation.


Activity Booklet

The Activity book has puzzles and activities that help to reinforce the bible story.  They allow you to easily print off the puzzles as an A5 booklet.


Junior Activity Booklet

The Junior Edition has puzzles and activities aimed at the younger children (but still fun for everyone). They allow you to easily print off the puzzles as an A5 booklet.

Spot the Difference - Baptism of Jesus

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Can you find all ten differences? (Remember to like the page if you find them!)

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