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Terms and Conditions

Bible Story Cartoons Terms and Conditions for Paid Membership

We have kept our terms and Conditions to a minimum and simply aim to make it clear what we see as fair usage of our resources in paid membership.

Basic usage of membership material

  • A paid membership allows access to our premium content (PowerPoint Presentations, Activities, Story books etc…)
  • Individual membership allows just one user,
  • Organisation and Premium memberships allow multiple users for one membership purchase

We are happy for your individual, standard or premium membership to be used for the following:

  • Personal use, and;
  • Used within one of the following ‘groups’.
    • Either a church or school or independent children’s ministry or other organisation/group
      • In other words one membership license per group described above.
      • Other once off usage: Printed copies and PPTs may be freely shown when a paid member is visiting another organisation as a guest teacher/speaker and wishes to use the resources in that setting.
  • Printed copies may be used freely within the chosen organisation/group for the purposes of education/devotion.
  • Digital copies may to be kept for backup and storage on unlimited electronic devices owned by the individual or organisation that purchased the membership.

You must not:

  • Distribute digital copies to third parties what so ever.
  • Sell, sub-lease, or rent the resources
  • Use the resources for commercial purposes.
  • Edit or modify the resources in any way without prior permission.

White Label Image usage rights

  • We do offer ‘white label’ opportunities for our resources. Please contact us if you are interested.

Bible Story Cartoons reserves the right to suspend/terminate any membership found to breach the above terms.

At the moment, that’s it. Please see our Privacy Policy for more.