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Looking for Bedtime Stories for Children? Try the greatest Story ever told!

Bedtime Stories - Bible Story Cartoons

Our eldest daughter, Georgia, is three years old.  She loves stories at bed time.  When I ask her to pick out a book to read, she inevitably chooses at least five or more. She brings out a big pile of books from a whole range of subjects;  Mr Men, Disney and classic titles that I grew up with.  She also usually chooses a bible story or two.  For her, everything is about babies, so she specially loves any story about the birth of Jesus.

The bible is full of great and iconic stories for children!  Let’s face it, we have available the greatest book in the world and within it amazing stories that can influence young lives for good.  Bible Story Cartoons has faithfully adapted many of the great bible stories into stories that can reach out to children and teach them important life values.   In short, the stories at Bible Story Cartoons offer a great resource as bedtime stories for children.

If your child is anything like our daughter, then, any story that has a baby in it is the best!  What a great opportunity to grab a child’s imagination and let them know about the greatest ‘bedtime’ story ever told – The Birth of Jesus.   Or perhaps the miraculous story of Baby Moses and how God protected him.

As Parents and/or Guardians we have been given an amazing opportunity by God to impact and influence our children and shape them for the rest of their lives.  We want to make that easier by providing a resource that can be used over and again for you to share bible stories with your children.

If you are interested, we have available a package that includes just the bible story eBook of each resource.  This currently includes all the titles that can be found on our resource page.

This package gives you access to 9 Story eBook titles for one low price of $37.

Bible Story eBooks
Bible Story eBooks
Get 9 Story eBook titles: The Birth of Jesus, Baby Moses, Jonah and the Whale, Daniel and the Lions Den, The Good Samaritan, Jesus heals 10 Lepers, The Baptism of Jesus, The Easter Story and The Lost Son.
Price: $37.00

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