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Bible Story Cartoons is a resource for
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“The kids really loved the story and the pictures,
but the adults loved the pictures and you could hear
a chuckle go through the room while the story was been read.
It was a huge hit.”  Valerie, Australia
“I love this resource because the text follows the bible
and the pictures are bright and contemporary.”
Nina, Australia
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Learn more about this amazing resource right now >>>
At last, a children’s resource that makes bible story telling fun and exciting.
As a Sunday School instructor or Primary school teacher you know how hard it really is to produce, week after week, fresh and new ways to present and teach bible stories with activities and handouts that drive the message home.  And yet this is exactly what you need to do in order to capture children’s attention so that you can connect them to God’s message of love for them.

Great news!  We have created an incredible resource for you!

At Bible Story Cartoons, our aim is simple, to make bible story telling fun!

thestabenfamilyEach bible story resource includes a PowerPoint presentation, a Story eBook that you can print off, and a huge number of activity sheets designed to engage and drive home the message of the story told. Yet our resource is flexible enough that you can still easily build your own learning outcomes.

With Bible Story Cartoons on your team, you no longer need to worry about finding a creative way to tell those bible stories or find relevant and related activities to reinforce a message.  Best of all, it’s easy to use just login and download the resources you need, and that’s it!

You can now stop worrying about trying to create an attention grabbing lesson and instead be confident that what you have will engage and impact young people’s lives.

Learn more about this amazing resource right now >>>
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