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God cares for the little things


Originally Posted on BibleVerseWall.com (no longer operating)

Last week I was going down memory lane remembering some of the times that God has blessed my family, sometimes with big things and sometimes with seemingly small things. I have to admit that some of the smaller things He did amazed me more. After all my mind would tell me this is the Creator of the universe He would have a lot on His plate.

When my four children were very young I remember reading a Christian book that really blessed me, I turned to the back cover to read about the author. The author was a beautiful Christian lady, what a serene face she had, I remember thinking how I would love to know my Heavenly father the way she does. Then my eyes were drawn to the jacket she was wearing and I thought to myself if ever I was able to buy any jacket I liked it would be one just like that.

Having chosen to be a full time mum, meant that I had to be very practical when buying clothes. This really was a time in my life when I saw God provide the things for our family that did not always fit into our budget. Every two years we would save enough money to have a holiday and visit our families, my family in Loxton and my husband’s family in Adelaide. It was the first holiday we had had after I read that certain book. I can honestly say that I did not consciously think about that jacket again. In Adelaide we were staying with my sister in-law who had recently given birth to a new little baby boy. It was an exciting time to meet our little nephew-cousin, for the first time.

After having a meal together my sister in-law was telling me that some of the clothes she bought after having her baby were now too big and she thought a jacket she had bought might fit me. Going into the bedroom she came out carrying a large cardboard box, taking the lid off she lifted back the tissue paper to reveal the jacket. To my utter amazement I was looking at the jacket from the back of the book. It was a perfect fit and I felt like a million dollars wearing it. As I thanked my sister in-law I also gave glory to my Heavenly Dad as I shared with her my story.

To me it seemed like my Heavenly Father got her to buy that particular jacket knowing I was going to read that book and look at the back cover. Every time I put that jacket on I felt His love for me. Those years of living very carefully were years of seeing my Heavenly Father provide for my family in very special ways.

Like a loving parent He delights in providing for His children.

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