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Free Coloring Pages for Easter

The Passion Week of jesus

With Easter fast approaching, no doubt you are looking for great resources to use in your children’s ministry.

Our new Easter resource is ‘The Passion Week of Jesus’ and you can learn more about it here.

This resources comes with a whole range of activities, puzzles and colouring pages for you to use.  We wanted to share a few of them here with you.

 Feel free to click on each image and download to use.

Jesus on a donkey coloring page

Sunday - Jesus Enters Jerusalem

Sunday – Jesus Enters Jerusalem

Last Supper coloring page

Thursday - The last Supper - easter coloring sheets

Thursday – The last Supper

The cross coloring page

Friday-Jesus is Crucified  - The cross coloring pages

Friday-Jesus is Crucified

You are more than welcome to use these for ministry purposes.

COLOURING-BOOK-The-Passion-Week-of-JesusYou can get the whole colouring book with our The Passion Week of Jesus Resource, available with paid membership.


All the pages in the colouring book are:

  • Sunday: Monday Enters Jerusalem
  • Monday: Jesus Clears the Temple
  • Monday: Jesus Heals in the Temple
  • Tuesday: Judas agrees to betray Jesus
  • Wednesday: No picture (the bible is silent on this day)
  • Thursday: Washing the disciples feet
  • Thursday: The Last Supper
  • Thursday: In the Garden
  • Friday: Jesus on Trial (Herod)
  • Friday: Jesus on Trial (Pilate)
  • Friday: Jesus is Crucified
  • Sunday: The Resurrection

The Passion Week of Jesus - Easter Resource - Bible Story Cartoons

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