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Frequently Asked Questions

How many copies of activities and story books can I print off?

There is no limit to how many photocopies (hard copies) of each resource you make, provided it is for the purpose of education (i.e. a School setting, Children’s Ministry or Sunday School)

What Paper size are the documents?

Most of our booklets are PDFs in the International ISO A4/A5 format, this should be fine in most cases as printing off PDFs can be adjusted automatically (or manually)  to fit onto your paper size (such as US-Letter). Our FLYER range are designed to be Tri-Fold, therefore we are providing them in A4 and US-Letter format. In the future we may convert all our products in US Letter sizes if there are requests to do so. (Please let us know)

What software do I need to view your products?

At a minimum you need two free software products to view our resources:

  1. PDF viewer (we recommend Adobe Reader)
  2. PowerPoint Viewer

My questions isn’t here?

Please email us your question and we will answer it asap.

Please enter your contact details and a short message below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.