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ChristWalk Production in Loxton

Easter Presentation ChristWalk held in Loxton

This Easter season in Loxton, our town has been blessed with an amazing production put on by Little Town and St Peter’s Lutheran Church called ChristWalk.

For more than a decade Little Town has performed incredible productions of the Christmas and Easter Story at St Peter’s.  This year the ChristWalk production has once again upheld this tradition with a drama that will impact everyone who attends. I have had the privilege of taking part in the production this year playing the part of a soldier (and loving it)!

There are five scheduled nights that ChristWalk is being shown: April 11th, 12th, 13th, 18th and, 19th.

Christwalk Flyer - Free downloadAt the time of this article, we have completed three of these nights.  It has been an amazing, powerful and confronting experience.  ChristWalk is unique in that it is set outside, on a property located next to the Murray River.  Each of the 11 scenes is located in a different part of the property representing each part of ChristWalk.  As the audience, you don’t just passively watch, but actively participate as the crowd that follows Jesus from his baptism, his miracles and his entry into Jerusalem.  You are then witness to his arrest in the garden, trial and crucifixion.  Finally you celebrate his resurrection and the promise of life to all who believe in Jesus.

Using my cartoons, I created a one page A4 flyer that helps people remember this experience and wanted to make it available here too.

You can download the A4 flyer I created here: 

ChristWalk A4 Flyer
ChristWalk A4 Flyer
Shows the 11 scenes of ChristWalk.
Price: FREE

Check out the Little Town Facebook Page here for more information and images of the production.

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